Blending Tradition and Innovation: The Future of Smart Factories

In the constantly evolving landscape of Smart Factories, a tale of two cities unfolds. On one side, it’s AI led by the avant-garde, the new-age maestros who paint the future with bold strokes of machine learning and advanced analytics. On the other, it’s guided by seasoned logistics and supply chain experts, known as the ‘old-timers,’ who operate with time-honoured strategies and practical wisdom.

At Data Yakka, we have taken a holistic approach when assembling the Smart Factory team, blending the fresh perspectives of AI with the robust frameworks of traditional logistics.

Our Smart Factory team is led by Terence Young, a supply chain veteran and turnaround specialist known for transforming unprofitable businesses into profitable ones at DHL eCommerce, dnata, and 2Go Group. The leadership team also includes Mostafa Al Mamun, PhD, renowned for his innovative designs in industrial drives at Mitsubishi Toshiba (TMEIC); and Mostafa Shaikh, PhD in NLP, highly respected at eHealth of NSW for addressing complex challenges related to sepsis with his innovative predictive algorithms.

Smart Factory Leadership Team




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