Who is Data Yakka?

Data Yakka is a Data & AI firm based in Palo Alto — a community we are happy to be part of. Curious about our name? ‘Yakka’ is an Aboriginal word that means ‘Work’.

In a world brimming with AI firms, you might wonder, ‘Why on earth do we need one more?

Here’s our take : The air in the Data & AI landscape is thick with grand promises and bold claims. We consciously forge our own unique path in this crowded field. Our focus? Small, achievable results. After all, small is often plenty.

Our aim? Stay small and steer clear of claiming to be ‘groundbreaking’, ‘game-changing’, ‘disruptive’, and ‘paradigm-shifting. We also aim to maintain our focus on developing practical AGI products that solve real-world problems:

Speak Naturally with ABS!
Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Microdata offers authoritative research data, albeit with inherent complexity. ChatwithCensus eases this complexity by letting users engage in dialogue with ABS data. Users can ask questions in plain language, and a custom built NLU engine then converts these queries into SQL for rapid data retrieval.

Sepsis, Foreseeing You!
A 2017 study estimated that 11 million sepsis-related deaths occurred globally, nearly 20% of all deaths worldwide. PredictiveSM is a prediction system that uses ML to detect life-threatening sepsis conditions in emergency dept. patients. The system uses an algorithm trained on historical sepsis data to calculate a patient’s risk score for developing sepsis.

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