Practical AGI Integration:

Navigating past the Generative AI hype, your organisation chooses to delve deeper. Perhaps you’re in finance, and you’ve peeked at BloombergGP.T However, tailoring it to your needs appears to be a significant challenge without the right team or budget. You’ve pinpointed your use case but the ‘next steps’ remain foggy

Although Data Yakka is primarily into products, we’re not strangers to situations like yours. Our AGI team would love to steer through this with you, and here’s our approach –

Week 1: Unveiling AI

We dig into generative AI, exploring its abilities and limits with a lens on your industry and business function. Together, we explore what’s possible, ensuring every idea is firmly rooted in your unique business and customer needs and your existing tech environment.

Week 2: Building a Strategy

This week, we work together to shape your generative AI strategy, ensuring every part of it connects back to clear, defined business value. At the same time, we start putting together your deployment plan, making sure to prioritize responsible AI experiments and set up strong validation protocols.

Week 3: Making It Happen

In our last week, we take our strategy from paper to practice. We refine your deployment plan using what we’ve learned in the past weeks. We fine-tune our approach, ensuring that not only is the strategy sound, but it’s also actionable and aligns with responsible AI use.

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