Paying it forward

D’Yakka.ORG, a division of Data Yakka, engages deeply with esteemed medical schools to bring tangible Data and AI innovations into non-profit hospitals, all to improve patient care. Our contribution goes beyond the conventional pro-bono work, where big tech firms serve only as advisors. We become a part of the hospital’s in-house IT team, implementing new data practices and solutions to save lives.

Right now, we’re teaming up with Dr. Randall from the Stanford School of Medicine. Together, we’re kickstarting some exciting initiatives at the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) in Bangladesh.

  • Introducing Age Bold for a new take on fall prevention.
  • Launching a patient app to amp up patient-doctor decision-making
  • Bringing in the latest trends in health research
  • And revamping data and analytics practices

In the spirit of ‘paying it forward,’ we aim not just to help for now but to make a lasting impact. We want to build a future where the hospitals we help can, in turn, help other non-profit healthcare providers by sharing their new knowledge and capabilities.

Minds behind this effort

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